From Our President - 

Meghan M. Miller

I like working at UNAVCO for a lot of reasons: the mission, the staff, the scientific community we serve, and the workplace atmosphere.  Every day I am excited about UNAVCO's science vision - to transform human understanding of the changing Earth with geodesy....I work hard to sort through what is important, and what is pressing every day.  By the time 8:30 rolls around, the whirlwind begins - how can I help us stay focused on the most urgent and important opportunities?  How can I remove obstacles for others while maintaining accountability to our sponsors and the public trust? 

UNAVCO is a fun place for me to work.  We have much less bureaucracy than a university, research lab, or a larger organization of any kind, but we still have the great work of getting to advance science.  UNAVCO's culture is to identify what its employee's value as a means of improving the work environment.  I like that I can work from home when I need to get something important written; that I can leave my office door open and hear about people's concerns; that I get a generous allocation of Paid Time Off that pays me back for being healthy or gives me the time I need when something goes awry.  UNAVCO gives me great tools to get my job done, and allows me to do it effectively.  I like living in an Apple dominated personal computing and smart phone environment.  

I like working for university faculty and researchers.  They are an exciting bunch and keep me thinking all the time.

Finally, I like knowing that we are in the heat among Boulders's Best Employers; health, vision, and dental care options that include either 100% coverage by UNAVCO or other choices if my situation is more complex (with college age kids out of state, it is!) - and lots of other benefits like generous company-paid life insurance, optional HSA or FSA; paid time off that starts at 20 days per year and increases to 25 after only two years with the company, and again at eight years; a great retirement benefit match at 10% of our annual salary; salaries that are attuned to the Boulder market, and Ecopass; personal use of my work cell phone and computer - as long as my personal use is in line with company computer guidelines; flexible work schedules are possible; education assistance; professional development; performance-based salary adjustments; and great business travel destinations....I haven't gotten to Antarctica yet, but my colleagues do quite regularly.  Lately I have been to Istanbul, Munich, Trieste, Valparaiso, Unimak Island, Port-of-Spain, Heredia, Vienna, and the list goes on.....

But the best part of UNAVCO is the people I work with.  They are smart, dedicated, funny, passionate, frank, and driven to results.  I am honored to work with them.  

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