Dr. Frederick Blume: Project Manager II - Boulder, CO


Having experienced a couple of thousand days in my UNAVCO career as a Project Manager, I’m happy to say that no two have been alike. Both the diversity of projects that have presented themselves to me, and the variety of responsibilities that I, and every UNAVCO employee assume, combine to make each day a new challenge.

Many days are adventurous, involving international travel and high-level interactions: I’ve recently found myself in front of television cameras in a tsunami devastated town on the coast of Chile, presenting the results of a months-long investigation of new GPS technology to a scientific conference in Australia, and briefing government officials in preparation for Congressional testimony regarding threats to GPS research engendered by proposed commercial internet venture in the U.S.

Other days are spent in our Boulder office evaluating new technologies, analyzing data,

The Flatirons of Boulder, CO

interacting with our scientific community, and working closely with my colleagues at UNAVCO at all levels. Having experienced the worlds of both industry and academia before finding my way here, I’ve never found myself surrounded by a group of such motivated, productive, and interesting people as I have here. UNAVCO is a truly unique place to work for anyone with a passion for the geosciences.